Alexandros Georgiou | Maha Shakti Peetha (2016)
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Maha Shakti Peetha (2016)

Maha means great, Shakti is the wome’s divine power and Peetha means sacred place. Maha Shakti Peetha is a pilgrimage to women’s divine power, to 18 Goddesses, spread throughout the Indian subcontinent.

The story goes like this: Shiva married Sati the daughter of a reknown King, but then he took her to his cave up in the Himalaya. They just made love for thousands of years and anyone passing by, could see them. Her father heard about it and felt humilated and wanted them to break up. When Sati found out she got super angry at her father that he would dare to insult her husband, that she called the god of fire in her body and burned herself, in order to be reborn to a father worthy of Shiva.

Shiva took her burned body and flew over India back to his cave, but as he was flying back to the mountains her body broke into 51 pieces that fell all over the Indian peninsula. When a piece of her body fell on the land, it was absorbed by the Earth, and wherever a piece of her body has fallen, there is still a temple dedicated to a local Goddess and they still remember which piece fell where. The 18 out of the 51 places form a pilgrimage to women’s divine power. I followed that pilgrmage from Sri Lanka all the way to Srinagar, and prayed to each Goddess for a child with my husband, and indeed few months after the pilgrimage a healhty son was born to me, but not with my husband but with a girl, friend. Complicated… the point is the pilgrimage works if you want a child, it only took six months, but most importantly the works I created as I was traveling for six months from temple to temple have something very unique and beautiful about them.




Without My Own Vehicle